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Rosacea, a common skin disease, can be quite problematic. It often begins with a tendency to blush more easily that others. And each time

your skin reddens, it can stay red a little longer. Rosacea may spread to other areas of your skin. Over time, visible blood vessels may start to appear, and in some cases skin can thicken. This can begin to make treatment more difficult.


The first step in tackling this skin condition is becoming aware of what triggers flare-ups. It can be different for everyone, but some common triggers include:

Sunlight Stress Chemical sensitivity to skin and hair products Alcohol

Once you have identified your triggers, you can make changes to help avoid flare-ups. Even simple things, like using a milder cleanser, lukewarm or cool water, and patting your face dry can help. TREATMENT

The next thing to do is to start a treatment regimen. The most common courses of treatment include adjusting your skin care protocol, medication, laser or light therapy, and microchanneling. Procell Therapies Microchanneling uses cutting-edge biotechnology to drastically reduce the visible signs of rosacea. Procell therapy creates invisible micro-channels in your skin, which stimulates an inflammatory healing process.The application of serums immediately after microchanneling treatment enhances delivery and collagen growth. To manage your rosacea, and to see if Procell Microchanneling therapy is for you, schedule a consultation, or give us a call with questions!

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